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One of the viewpoints and voices On this immense, restless, good, and happy sphere, Prince Andrew noticed the following sharply outlined subdivisions of tendencies and functions:

intensief بِشِدَّه، بِكَثافَه интезнивно intensivamente intenzivně intensiv intenst εντατικά intensivamente pingsalt بطور شدید intensiivisesti intensivement בְּמֶרֶץ अधिकता से intenzivno alaposan, behatóan, intenzíven secara intensif kröftuglega, rækilega intensivamente 集中的に 집중적으로 intensyviai intensīvi dengan intensif intensiefintenst, sterkt, intensivtintensywnie په سختى په شدت په تندۍ intensivamente intensiv интенсивно intenzívne intenzivno intenzivno intensivt อย่างมาก yoğun bir şekilde 加強地 інтенсивно; напружено انتہائی انداز میں một cách tập trung 强烈地,集中地

The spy noted which the French, just after crossing the bridge at Vienna, were being advancing in immense pressure upon Kutuzov's line of interaction While using the troops which were arriving from Russia.

Utilization Observe: The meanings of rigorous and intense overlap significantly, but the two adjectives typically have unique meanings. Extreme typically indicates a strength or focus that arises from an interior disposition and is particularly suitable for describing psychological states: "He wondered vaguely why All of this extreme emotion went jogging due to a few burnt potatoes" (D.H. Lawrence). Intensive is much more appropriate if the strength or concentration of the action is imposed from with out: "They labored out a procedure of intense agriculture surpassing anything at all I at any time heard of, Along with the really forests all reset with fruit- or nut-bearing trees" (Charlotte Perkins Gilman).

Initially arrived the Imperial Cornet Band of Oz, wearing emerald velvet uniforms with slashes of pea-green satin and buttons of immense Lower emeralds.

The statement appears to be an excessive amount inwards and neglects the possibly immense toughness of this example.

It is probable that notes or choices ended up every so often published down to assist in educating and Mastering the immense mass of fabric, in spite of the fact that even in Sherira's time (11th century) these aids to memory were not formally acknowledged.

I don't know how a man of his immense intellect can fail to determine what on earth is as apparent as working day, and will go to this point astray.

They appeared towards the immense personal prosperity from the temple, rather then raise dollars for civil jobs by taxation.

– Elizabeth Blackwell Europe has united, China is escalating speedily and Russia possesses immense power with regards to gas assets. The US administration are unable to do everything about this. – Vladimir Zhirinovsky Not to state that companies are ideal these days, but even grand corporations like Dupont have built immense development in translating some of their previous environmentally harmful methods into new revenue opportunities. – Maurice Potent Rhymes for immense:

The point out on the count's affairs became pretty clear per month soon after his death, stunning Anyone with the immense full of modest debts the existence of which no one had suspected.

Fundamental Level: Person can only transfer on their own and very limited amount of mass, equivalent to the things they are donning/carrying.

mild - get more info reasonable in kind or diploma or effect or drive; much from Excessive; "a gentle winter storm"; "a delicate fever"; "Thankfully the pain was delicate"; "a moderate rebuke"; "gentle criticism"

Significant denotes extension in multiple route, and past the typical of The category to which the item belongs; we talk of a large surface or a sizable strong, but of a lengthy line; a considerable discipline, a big area, a sizable apple, etcetera.

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